Wire & Cable Products (Pvt) Ltd. (CCL Brand Wire Rope)

Wire rope is a machine with dozens–even hundreds– of individual wires which are formed and fabricated to move or operate at close tolerances to one another. When a wire rope bends, each of its many wires slides and adjusts to accommodate the differences in length between the inside and outside of the bend. The sharper the bend, the greater the movement. Every wire has three basic components: the wires, strands and core. The core may be either fiber (FC) such as sisal, manila or jute, or an Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC), which is actually a smaller wire rope within the strands of the outer wire rope. The wires are predominantly constructed from high-carbon steel, but may also be formed from various metals such as iron, stainless steel, monel or bronze. Carbon steel wire rope is manufactured in various grades, including Improved Plow Steel (IPS), Extra Improved Plow Steel (EIPS) and Extra Extra Improved Plow Steel (EEIPS), which designate the nominal strength of the wire rope. EIPS is the most commonly used and manufactured grade today.



Fiber Core

Independent Wire Rope Core

Wire Rope Construction Terminology:
Wire ropes have different breaking strengths based on their sizes and constructions.
Some other construction are as follows: